Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More Degree Show Images

UPDATED: Added a few images from the gallery.
Some more images from the Graphics section of my degree show.

 Monica Jackson
Katie Lewis
 Sam Marshall

Gareth Aldridge
 Laura Wolfram

 Sian Butcher
Helen Royds

Images from the Fine Art section - afraid I didn't keep note of names but here are a few pieces I really liked.

This bear is one of my favorite things in the whole show. 

A few of images from the gallery.

 Arna Runars

 Lara Honeyball
 Bartek Marchlewski

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  1. These last 4 were some of my favorites too. I love the bear and the fabric animals are amazing! Still need to take some of the gallery! get on it for me mayhee ;) good job so far!