Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Food Chain

I have been working on my summer project for uni. The brief stated we were to chose one of 5 words, they were:

Process, Alienate, Persuasion, Dominate and Alternate

The brief was really open and there was no specific outcome or deliverable. After researching into all of the words, I decided to produce work on the word dominate. Specifically looking into food chains, predators and prey.

I begun by researching food webs on the internet, but soon decided I wanted to focus more on British backgarden wildlife and food chains found there.

I found the RSPB website really helpful with an a to z of wildlife found in a typical garden. Allowing me to start to build up a diagram of a food web from which to base my work.

For Grant

Here is a beautiful doodle by Kat. I think its one of her best pieces!