Monday, 25 January 2010

The Pobble and His Toes

Here are some more illustrations from my character design project. We had to choose one of our three characters, make up a back story and then illustrate it. I decided to develop the Pobble with no toes from Edward Lear's poem the Quangle Wangle's Hat. Explaining how he came to be toeless!

The Pobble once had the most beautiful toes in all the land, three on each foot. Jealous, the Quangle Wangle wanted them for his ever growing collection of oddities which were tied to his hat. So one day the Quangle Wangle slipped some sleeping pills into the Pobble’s drink. He was out like a light and when the Pobble came too his beautiful toes were gone.

1 Minute

Finally finished my 1 minute film for uni. Its a stopframe animation using my illustrations from my character design project. Have a look see!