Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Always planned to go to ELCAF (East London Comics and Arts Festival), finally made it this year and much money was spent.

Circus Street Market

From June, a few photographs of the University of Brighton's Architecture Degree Show in the Circus Street Market. The building is really interesting but is due for redevelopment.

My favourite of the show was Allotments of Indigenous Produce from Latin America by Lily Carver

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Way Back In May

It has been an extremely busy Summer, here are a few photos from way back in May.

The British Library by Yinka Shonibare was an installation which filled the shelves of the Old Reference Library at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery with colourful books. Each book spine adorned with a different name. The names were of immigrants to Britain who have made a contribution to British culture.

Delaine Le Bas's exhibition Local Name: Unknown Gypsies? was at the Phoenix Gallery.

Tangled Feet performed the physical theatre piece entitled One Million at the Black Rock. One Million represented the approximate one million unemployed aged 18-25.

William Forsythe's Nowhere & Everywhere at the Same Time No.2 was at the Circus Street Market. The installation comprised of hundreds of swinging pendulums which the audience could walk between.

Sound in Motion by Zimoun was at the University of Brighton Gallery and consisted of a series of sound sculptures created from motors, cardboard boxes and ping pong balls.